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What Is Elastic Service?

Hygeia's Elastic Services IntegrationSM performance model for IT outsourcing eliminates the waste inherent in traditional, fixed staffing IT support services provider models.
  • We ramp up and scale back human service resources to match demand, using predictive analytics and proactive procurement to assure low latency.
  • We integrate continuously innovating consumable service providers available on the cloud to deliver better performance for the lowest prices available, paying for only what we use and cutting our labor cost.
  • We deploy an IT enterprise that has the potential for limitless change through seamless, automated integration of governance, engineering, and operations in our open standards Elastic Service PlatformTM.

The graphic is a pyramid in four tiers.  The top tier is labeled Mission.  The second tier down from the top is labeled Hygeia Elastic Services Integration. The third tier is labeled Elastic Service Platform. The fourth tier contains Hygeia’s sun logo in the middle and is overlaid with clouds on the left and right.  On the left side, the clouds contain the names of the Hygeia joint venture partners Govplace, Intellidyne, ERT, and Argentys Informatics.  On the right side, the clouds are labeled Consumable Service Providers.  There are four arrows connecting the third and fourth tiers of the pyramid.  On the left side are arrows labeled Flex Spec and VSOC.  On the right side are arrows labeled BPAs and APIs.  The pyramid illustrates Hygeia’s concept for integrating flexible staffing resources from the joint venture partners and the marketplace, and consumable services available on the cloud, to provision resources elastically to meet requirements for excellent IT service. The mission rests on Hygeia Elastic Services Integration, which manages and integrates resources from the market using the Elastic Service Platform.


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Elastic Services IntegrationSM

Elastic scaling, utility pricing, on-demand provisioning of technical and human services, and continuous innovation — Hygeia enables the elastic IT enterprise.

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