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Responsible for Providing IT Services and Solutions

The forces of change affecting federal IT — mission requirements, security threats, new regulations, new technologies, new user expectations, and funding cuts — are too strong and too fast for an approach of static resources and labor-based methods. Delivering excellence with this traditional model is rapidly becoming impossible.

Federal agencies need a new model for IT Support Services contracting: one that will deliver excellence for lower cost, and, rather than simply keep up with change, will embrace change to continuously innovate and refresh capabilities.

Hygeia's Elastic Services IntegrationSM approach transforms and operates the IT enterprise to deliver the agility to meet new requirements and services that are as reliable as an electric utility. Moreover, ESI delivers a higher performing enterprise for substantially lower costs. For one federal agency, ESI is on track to deliver better service for more than 35% lower cost.


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Elastic Services IntegrationSM

Elastic scaling, utility pricing, on-demand provisioning of technical and human services, and continuous innovation — Hygeia enables the elastic IT enterprise.

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