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A Scientist, Investigator, or Analyst Producing Actionable Knowledge

It's about the knowledge, not the IT. Scientists, principle investigators, and analysts are creating and compiling diverse and huge volumes of data for analysis. Their purposes are to produce actionable knowledge. But for all the attention and funding required to develop IT and keep it operational, one could think IT is the purpose.

Hygeia delivers custom scientific analysis solutions running on commodity cloud services infrastructure.
  • We convert current infrastructure into hybrid clouds so customers can realize their ROI while addressing new needs for scale.
  • We deploy secure community clouds with controls for sharing, temporarily sharing, or restricting data within a single environment, so that scientists can collaborate for special projects but protect intellectual property or sensitive information.
  • We embed into customer's programs our data scientists schooled in scientific domains and skilled in algorithm coding, speeding tuning, discovery, and learning.
Hygeia enables agencies with data-intensive missions to produce more knowledge faster. With Hygeia, more of your funding goes to science and knowledge.


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