Sunk Costs Sink Change

By: Brian Seagrave A federal agency is preparing for the recompetition of their IT support services contract, and their IT organization recently hosted an “industry day” conference to review their objectives.  In their presentation we see their intent to conform their IT service management processes to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework and practices.  … Continue reading Sunk Costs Sink Change

Systems Integration is Becoming Service Integration

By: Brian Seagrave With cloud and utility services, with the software defined enterprise, with the  “IT infrastructure-less” agency entirely possible within the next 5 years, and with service integration platforms like ServiceNow, agencies don’t need systems integrators anymore, they need “Service Integrators.” Service Integrators enable the customer enterprise to realize the cost and performance benefits … Continue reading Systems Integration is Becoming Service Integration

Who are Hygeia Solutions Partners?

Govplace A small business that offers enterprise IT solutions and services by developing a deep understanding of clients’ objectives and engineering cost effective solutions from the latest products and cloud services. Nearly two decades of past performance and current contracts show commitment, proficiency, innovative solutions, and an efficient family of professionals. Govplace integrates and delivers … Continue reading Who are Hygeia Solutions Partners?

Elasticity: Hygeia’s Blog!

Welcome! Welcome to Elasticity, our blog on the ideas, thoughts, and operations of Hygeia Solutions Partners. Hygeia Solutions Partners adopted the name Hygeia to reference the Greek goddess of good health. Health is key to our mission for two reasons: We focus on enabling health and science customers to discover more knowledge faster and for … Continue reading Elasticity: Hygeia’s Blog!